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Finding Joy in the Small Victories of Premature Parenthood

It doesn’t matter how long your infant stayed in the NICU—5 days, 5 weeks, or longer. Regardless of the period, the day you can take your baby home is a triumph all its own. That is your first small victory. All the little things, the happy things, that occur afterward are about finding joy in the small victories of premature parenthood.

Your Dreams Coming to Fruition

For your whole pregnancy, you envisioned that perfect nursery, created it, decorated it, and you waited. Now you have that precious baby safe within this sanctuary. Maybe you are cuddled up with your infant in your arms. Maybe you are singing to him. Maybe you are rocking in your new rocking chair.

baby walking to dad.

Everything you do in your perfectly created nursery is a small victory. It is one you worry might never happen.

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Longing for a Good Night’s Sleep

There it is. It’s the goal of every new parent. They told you it might take a while, but you thought it would happen sooner rather than later. You were wrong. Even sharing the nightly wake-up calls with your partner doesn’t help you rest. You rock your baby, talk and sing to them, and wait for the moment they will go back to sleep–so you can.

Then one night it happens. Sun is coming through the window and your tiny child is just stirring. Hallelujah! You recognize that this may be the only night this month it happens this way. You don’t care because it’s a sign of what’s to come. You survived.

Positive Postpartum Appointments

You think everything is fine, but until your care team tells you all is well, it can still be a bit scary. You leave the office and can’t wait to call your mom, sister, husband, and best friend with the good news. This is truly one of the premier small victories of premature parenthood.

Laughing Is a Family Affair

After all the monologues, funny faces, book reading, and smiling at your baby, he finally looks at you like he knows you’re his mom and smiles. He laughs. It could be the happiest moment yet. Quick, get the phone to take a picture.

Life Will Never Be the Same

The first time you and your spouse go out for dinner alone is momentous, but you both know you are going home to your most precious possession.

The first time you take a baby with you to a restaurant and they sleep through the dinner makes you so proud. That includes everyone going by remarking what a good baby and what a beautiful baby. Yeah, you already know that. It’s that joy of proud premature parents.

Your life will never be the same, and you won’t go back to your old life for all the money in the world.

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