Practice Policies

Practice Policies at Pediatrics of Greater Orlando

We provide the highest priority to the health and well-being of our patients. Please help us achieve our goal by keeping us abreast of any changes to your child’s health care coverage status. Different insurance companies do not always have the same subspecialist panel available. Also, they may contract with different laboratories. These sort of problems may be compounded during this transition period during the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). We will do our best to take as many insurance plans as we can in order to provide coverage to your family in case of inadvertent changes to your plans. Even if we do take your insurance plan, we do not have information on the details of the coverage provided by your plan. We encourage everyone to read the small print on their policies to make sure there aren’t any surprises later on in the Explanation of Benefits sheets.

Please bring your insurance card

Please be prepared to present your insurance card at each visit. Even if we have scanned your card, it is an insurance company requirement that we ask you to present your card. If a caretaker brings in your child, please give them your child’s card. Also, please be prepared to pay your copayment with each visit. For families in which parents are divorced or separated, billing statements are sent to the person who holds the primary insurance.

Insurance Plans We Currently Accept

Requesting Referrals

Some insurance plans will allow you to see a subspecialist without a referral, others require a written or faxed referral – usually written on a prescription. If your child has a medical emergency and needs an insurance referral to a specialist, we can immediately refer using our EMR or a faxed paper prescription.

Paper Claims

Families with insurance carriers that require a paper form for billing, will be able to submit the statement to the insurance company directly. Please save these forms as an additional charge will be made if duplicate copies are requested.

Questions about Your Account

If you have any questions about your account, please call to leave a message for our billing
department, or email it to Please note that there will be
an administrative charge for returned checks.

Cancellation Policies

In an effort to be available as much as possible for your family, we ask parents to call us at least
24 hours prior to a scheduled well exam appointment or four hours prior to a “sick” appointment
if you need to cancel. While we understand unforeseen problems arise, a fee of $25 may be
charged when these guidelines are not followed.